What Should You Include in Your Property Website on Foreign Internet (Part 1)

What is the first step in marketing a property for sale to foreign buyers? Starting your property website on the foreign internet is a relatively inexpensive and quick way to get your international property in front of the eyes of the foreign buyers and real estate brokers alike.

There should be the following pages included that one can reach through the site menu that are the required minimum:

= Home page describing the property for sale in details
= Detailed area page
= Photo albums for the interior and exterior of the property and the area
= Information pages with the country’s regulations for foreign buyers and market data
= Contact page

There might be links to any outside websites of your choice: About your city and area, original government regulations, statistics, market data, tourists’ attractions in your area, relevant newspapers’ and magazines’ publications, and whatever you think might get your internet visitors excited about purchasing your property and thus help your sale.

Just watch out carefully that there are absolutely no other properties for sale and realtors ads or links in those third parties websites, as you do not want to create a competition to your property with your own hands and for your own money, right?

In general, be careful with sending your visitors out from your site through the outbound links provided as the visitors might get so excited that get lost at those other sites and never come back to you. If only possible, it is better to say what you want and need to tell them in your own marketing texts on your own site without letting the visitors escape from you. The one-stop-shop on the foreign internet for everything the foreign buyers want to know will be here for them, no need to go elsewhere for information.

The more good property and area photos you publish on your website on the foreign internet, the better. A link to your property video is priceless. Floor plans of the home or condo and lot drafts if any are highly desirable.

The maps of your location in the city and your city in the country are very easy to get from Google Maps nowadays.

(To be continued)

Copyright © 2017 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved

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