What You Need to Know While Taking Property Photos – That Sell to Foreign Buyers

In the last several posts we have talked about writing property descriptions that sell to foreign buyers, but good property pictures are of the same importance. Again: the foreign investors would not be able to come and see your property out of nowhere – first they would research properties on the internet to prepare their own list of potentially interesting objects (or their buyer’s realtor would do so for them).

Thus, your major goal is to get on this list of their possible future purchases first of all, and great pictures are crucial to achieve this goal.

Let’s have a look at the front photo of a home below:


The home is nothing fancy in architecture to say the least, but the flowers and even a car in front make you want to see more of the home’s inside features, wouldn’t you agree?

The one and only photo that you put as your head photo on a listing should be very carefully chosen because it competes with other properties in the eyes of an internet searcher first of all.

I am not a photographer myself, but definitely can judge property photos from the point of view of potential buyers. So, I’ve written a number of articles on the topic to summarize my experience of looking at so many good and bad photos that my clients send me for posting on the Russian internet and at even more photos of already published comparable properties on their behalf.

Here are some with helpful hints scattered over:

How to Convert Foreign Internet Visitors into Real Estate Foreign Buyers https://foreignbuyers.wordpress.com/2017/03/21/convert-foreign-internet-visitors-real-estate-foreign-buyers/

What Should You Include in Your Property Website on Foreign Internet (Part 1) https://foreignbuyers.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/property-website-foreign-internet-1/

How can your property for sale to foreign buyers stand out (Part 3) https://foreignbuyers.wordpress.com/2017/07/11/property-sale-foreign-buyers-stand-out-3/

Selling to Russians quicker and for more money http://www.english-and-russian.com/Selling_to_Russians-selling-to-russians-quick.html

Next time we will talk about property video and its utmost importance to the foreign buyers who are located far away from your property, but need to get a real feeling of what it looks like – to come, see in person and eventually buy it.

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2019 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved


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