SECRETS OF SELLING REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS: About the Author, Book and Blog by Olga Kellen

The foreign buyers often represent a significant real estate buying market share (even major in some resort areas of the world), and every realtor, developer and private property seller would like to know how to reach this affluent market of foreigners.

Although plenty of various articles, reports and discussions on the topic are available on the internet, no systematic source of information exists so far, as to my knowledge.

SECRETS OF SELLING REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS by Olga Kellen responds to the need and is the first to summarize All-One-Has-to-Know to successfully market and sell real estate internationally.

The project had started as a full book-length manuscript (still waiting for its literary agent), then it turns to Book-to-Blog (with some short e-books on partial topics being published on Amazon on the way).


This blog publishes the manuscript in short blog posts (which needs some work to do), thus the projected time of completion is about a year from start to finish. The readers with patience would eventually learn all the secrets of selling real estate to the foreigners from this blog. I am planning to bring guest writers with their ideas, too. Also the readers’ comments and questions are more than welcome, and I promise to respond in a timely manner.

The readers with no patience and some immediate need might be willing to check out the list of my e-books on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/author/olgakellen


The fifty chapters cover the following major topics of interest among others:

-How to decide whether one needs to market properties internationally and in what countries;
-How to choose the best way of marketing: active (advertising and promoting properties for sale directly to the foreign investors) or passive (making cooperative deals with realtors in foreign countries who will be in charge of bringing the foreign investors);
-What is involved in active and passive marketing real estate to the foreigners;
-What kind of the foreign investors are the target for a particular property;
-How to develop the marketing budget to reach the foreign investors;
-How to overcome the language barrier;
-How to choose the proper translation providers if one needs any;
-How to get visibility in the foreign internet, print media and at the real estate shows abroad to find the foreign buyers;
-How to find the proper foreign realtors and make offers to them;
-How to communicate with the foreigners and successfully close on properties.


I, Olga Kellen, am the English-Russian translator, American Association of Translators member, fully bilingual and bicultural between Russian-speaking countries and North America.

With the M.S. education level, I am a problem solver, researcher and analyst. Writing was always a part of my career – from scientific and marketing reports and translations to blogging, e-books and website content in English and Russian.

Since immigrating to Canada and the USA in 1999, I have acquired and developed practical marketing and internet skills and wrote articles, blogs, e-books, translations and internet content in several professional fields.

International real estate marketing has become my specialty since 2008 and as a result the book and blog SECRETS OF SELLING REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS have been born.

You may start with the First Introductory Post.

Copyright © 2016 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved

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