What Should You Include in Your Property Website on Foreign Internet (Part 2)

In the previous post we talked about the content of your foreign internet website to help you sell your property to the foreign buyers.

Needless to say that all the texts must be in the language of the foreign country from which you are going to procure a buyer, and written by a native speaker without mistakes in grammar and spelling. An important issue to take care of: Some foreign language characters may come out distorted while posted online, so the last proofreading round must be done online after the webmaster is done with posting.

It was all about one property website so far, but for real estate brokers and developers with multiple properties to sell to the foreign buyers it should be a more complicated foreign website with the search possibilities and updates on the properties as needed.

If the initial marketing budget is somewhat limited, then you can start with a simple foreign website dedicated to just a couple of your typical properties (no searches and for a while no updates required) with the option of expanding to the fully furnished website in the future.

The only thing that would differ your realtor’s or developer’s website on the foreign internet from a one property website: There should be also a page or pages about you, your services, history of successful deals, testimonials and what is especially important for developers – your past completed projects if any. Do you remember about establishing trust with your far away foreign buyers?

A summary: A property foreign website with the texts written by a native speaker without grammar and spelling mistakes, with plenty of good photos and possibly a video, preferably should become a one-stop-shop on the foreign internet with all the required information for purchasing this property for the foreign buyers.

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