The foreign buyers accounted for more than $100 billion property purchases in the U.S. during the last year as the National Association of Realtors states. They usually purchase more expensive properties, the NAR report highlights.

Although foreigners purchase properties nationwide, in New York and Arizona they bought 4% of all properties in each state, in Texas 10%, in California 15% and in Florida 22%.

The actual sales stats tell us that there is a significant demand from the realtors, developers and private property sellers to learn the ropes of attracting this huge pool of affluent investors to their properties for sale. What is the supply of the information?

Google returns more than a million pages when you search for “selling real estate to foreign buyers” (or similar terms). They are reports, articles, forum posts, etc. Obviously, nobody can digest this amount of information to extract any practical advice for their own particular situation. Is there anything compact like a book that summarizes the info in some useable manner?

Amazon returns no books for the search “selling real estate to foreign buyers”. (Or so it was some time ago, before I published a series of e-books on the topic, and now they show up.)


Thus I decided to put together the tons of my material that I collected in my practice as an international marketing consultant and translator helping my clients with their real estate marketing and selling to the foreigners.

The first draft of the manuscript SECRETS OF SELLING REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS had been born. The book would help realtors, developers and owners of properties for sale create the marketing road map to effectively market online or offline and sell properties to the buyers all over the world; it would meet the expectations of any property seller’s or realtor’s with any marketing budget.

The book is written in small chapters (50 of them) and each chapter deals with a separate issue of marketing and selling real estate internationally, so it is suitable for those readers who are looking for some answers to their particular questions, and also for those who want to plan their real estate international marketing campaign from A to Z.

Most of the chapters of the book SECRETS OF SELLING REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS are practical answers to questions that I receive daily through my professional website as international marketing consultant; the questions come from real people from all over the world who want to bring international buyers to their properties for sale.

The book structure is as follows:
Part I. Marketing to Foreigners: General Ideas
Part. II. Active Marketing to Foreigners (Directly)
Part III. Passive Marketing to Foreigners (through Foreign Realtors)

Literary Agents

As the next logical step I prepare the book proposal and query letter (all up to the best gurus’ advice) and email my offer to the carefully chosen literary agents (who deal with business how-to books) one-by-one according to each agent’s submission guidelines.

The result? A small bunch of canned rejection letters – you know the classic type “it’s not you, it’s me, too busy, etc.”


What’s next? I extract some parts of the manuscript, re-write them as e-books and start the E-Series: How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreigners on Amazon. You can find it at http://www.amazon.com/author/olgakellen

So far there are the following e-books by Olga Kellen available on Amazon:

-How to Sell Real Estate to the Chinese
-The Beginner’s Guide to Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers
– A Case Study of Effective Low-Budget Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers (Interview with Jessica Marks, Real Estate Marketing Specialist)
– How to Plan and Budget for Success in International Property Sales
– How to Find the Best Foreign Realtors and Make Your Offer of Cooperation in Sale Irresistible to Them
– How to Efficiently Advertise Your Property for Sale Internationally
– How to Be the First on Foreign Google
– How to Convert Foreign Internet Visitors into Real Estate Buyers
– How to Use Free Online Translation in Real Estate
– How to Sell Real Estate to the Russians

This is a work in progress, there will be more of them. I am planning to interview other professionals in the field of international property sales asking for their advice to sellers and realtors on selling to the Chinese buyers, preparing for an international real estate show, etc. The timing is not always up to me with the interviews.


But the manuscript is still sitting on my desk, collecting dust so to speak…

And here we are: by a lucky chance I come across the book How to Blog-A-Book by Nina Amir. Thank you, Nina! I am starting to convert my manuscript to blog posts to blog-my-book SECRETS OF SELLING REAL ESTATE TO FOREIGN BUYERS

Here’s the First Introductory Post of the Blog to start reading the Book in the logic order.

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