How to Choose the Right Translator (Part 2)

In the previous post I have provided lots of information for you to be equipped with the tools for choosing the right translator for your real estate marketing texts. Also we have established that the marketing texts require the highest quality of translation and localization.

The real estate marketing texts are the most cost-effective only if you judge them by the resulting sales while using them, not by the cost of preparing them; that is why hiring just the cheapest provider on the internet or on the block to do your real estate foreign marketing could end up just in throwing away some money with a miserable result and time and hopes wasted.

After you are assured that you will receive the high-quality foreign marketing texts that meet your needs from several particular translation providers, then you compare their prices and quotes for your one-time or ongoing translating job. Any translation provider would prepare a quote free of charge.

Yes, money is important, but there is no sense to pay anything at all for a low quality translation job.

The marketing texts require not only high level translating skills, but also high level writing skills in the target language.

Once the author received three different Russian translated pieces of the same English marketing text (a product description) for review, comparison and giving advice on which of the three translators to choose for the future cooperation with the international company in business of selling perfume and expanding into Russia (no translators’ names were provided to the reviewer of course).

Two of the reviewed versions were good and almost the same in wording, but nothing impressive in terms of marketing the product, but the third one was quite different and although rendering the major features of the product equally well, the translation also made the reader wishing to buy the product right away! The last one had been chosen of course.

A summary: To choose the right translator for your real estate marketing is a project by itself as you have to consider all the parameters of the translator’s qualification, pricing and comfort of cooperation.

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