Why to Hire a Foreign Language Native Speaker (Part 1)

Do you care where a translator into your target foreign language was born, raised, educated, lived in the past and lives now, who is her or his mother? Well, you should care – about some of the circumstances at least.

The first and foremost rule of translation: any professional and worth their salt professionals would translate into their mother’s language, not from it into other languages that they learned during their life. Why? The first or native or mother’s language of any translator is more powerful and rich than what the person learned later, no matter how well.

Of course, the translation specialist should have some advanced education in the mother’s language in the country of that language, not just having been taken to settle abroad as a toddler. The exception of the rule “from any language into the mother’s language” will be expats who acquired the second language as their own because of long years living in their second language environment and thus are able to translate both ways.

So, you can choose between:

-Translators who live in the foreign country (like China or Russia, for example) where you are going to market your properties and for whom that country’s language is their first language, and

-Translators who live in your country, but for whom the foreign language of your targeted real estate buyers is their mother’s anyway (Americans of Chinese or Russian origin, for example).

Both options might have pros and cons. The former type might be not so much acquainted with cultural and linguistic peculiarities of your country and their texts might be not accurate or even strange sometimes, and the latter type could be away from their own country for a long time and lose the touch with that country’s recent cultural and linguistic environment completely and their texts might look outdated or old-fashioned. Ask your questions to understand who might be the best professional for you.

Usually expats who maintain connections with their old country are the best as they master both languages and know both cultures.

Talking about the quality of translations into foreign languages you are going to receive, but cannot judge on your own without knowing those foreign languages, please keep in mind that many fresh immigrants to your country who know your language start with advertising themselves as translators, but soon realize that this is not so easy as they thought – do not fall a victim to such experiments.

And on the other hand, any university language grads in the country of your interest might announce that they are translators and this is equally doubtful of course.

Ideally, translators of the texts of various industries should have been working in those industries (or had some education in the field) before starting a translation career.

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All Rights Reserved

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