How to Choose the Right Translator (Part 1)

With all the variety available, how to choose the right translator to work on your real estate marketing in a foreign language?

To help potential buyers of translation services navigate the maze, the American Translators Association (ATA) posted several useful guides online, and they are available not only in English, but in several other languages: – Translation. Buying a Non-Commodity  – Translation. Getting it Right (links to the brochures in many languages) – Translation. Getting it Right (in American English).

ATA has 11,000 members in over 90 countries of the world and can be a great starting point for you to try the waters if you are serious about “getting it right” and finding the right professionals for your real estate marketing in foreign countries.

The website for the members and general public: .

The outreach publication for the guidance of consumers: .

ATA has two directories to search by languages and subject matters: Independent translators and agencies. They are located at .

The ATA membership of a particular provider guarantees that you will receive the high quality service and translated text (well, to the same extent as any other association membership does). In other countries there are also associations of translators of their own.

As with shopping for any other service provider from a plumber to a dentist or a lawyer, you have to compare at least three offers from the translation specialists.

In the author’s long previous translating experience as an independent provider for hire either by direct clients or through agencies, almost always the clients tend to make a final decision based on price only. It seems the easiest and most effective way of choosing the provider for them, but it does not take into consideration the quality of the product that will be delivered to them!

The real estate marketing texts require the highest quality of translation and localization.
Never forget that you will also need to translate legal documents along the way (agreements and property documents later); real estate legal texts are of the utmost importance as mistakes in them can even take you to court.

Some customers think that to go to a local university and hire a foreign language student for pennies would be a huge saving option, or a friend who once studied the foreign language at college and offers to look over and edit the machine translated text would be a very nice substitute for a professional translator, but they should think again about the quality!

Also it is wise to avoid the providers who offer various prices for various levels of quality, as it looks like they are using edited machine translations, just edited once (cheaper) or twice (more expensive) – run away!

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