What Questions Foreign Buyers Ask

In the previous post we have talked about becoming a real estate expert in the eyes of foreign buyers answering their questions about your country’s real estate on a foreign real estate portal. And getting a highly motivated traffic of potential buyers to your website this way that will definitely lead to sales.


Now you are probably interested: what kind of questions do the foreign buyers usually ask?

As a sample, let’s look at some of the latest visitors questions (May 2018) answered on one of the top Russian real estate portals that offers international properties from all over the world to the Russian buyers (sorted by countries, but in no particular order of the date or popularity).

I’ve omitted questions that describe too specific situations and are too long. (Such type of questions can bring you a really strong lead for your real estate practice of course, but I wanted to make this article more general in nature.)

Questions about real estate in Finland:
-How to calculate the real estate tax?
-Who can help me with evaluating and selling two properties in Muurame?
-How can I get a mortgage?

Questions about real estate in Turkey:
-How to start a process of obtaining a residency permit?

Questions about real estate in Spain:
-I’d like to invest up to 350k in a rental property with a possibility to rent it out all year around. What region of the country is the best for such a purchase?
-I’d like to buy a property up to 200k in Malaga (first to rent it out for some time and possibly to use it for my family later). Lots of things to know: mortgages, down payments, taxes, real estate commissions and rental incomes. Any properties for sale to offer?

Questions about real estate in Bulgaria:
-We’d like to move to Bulgaria to live there as retirees. How do we go about buying a home?
-I am 60 and live in Israel now. How can I buy a rural home in Bulgaria to live there as a retiree?
-I have two underage kids. Can I obtain residency rights?

Questions about real estate in Thailand:
-How to buy a property in Thailand?
-What is possible to purchase for up to 150k? Preferably for my family own use and renting out as well. What kind of rental income to expect?

Questions about real estate in Greece:
-I’d like to purchase a small villa or townhouse at the seashore and get the residency. Is it possible?
-I’d like to buy a rental condo for up 100k in Salonika. If it’s near the university, I’ve heard it’s possible to have tenants all year round, is it true? How much would be the closing costs and taxes?

Questions about real estate in Poland:
-I’ve inherited a property in Poland, please help with the process.
-I’m a retired doctor from Russia, my son has started business in Poland. I’d like to buy a condo around there and move closer to him. How do I go about that?

We can see that many (if not all) of the askers may become a very solid leads for your real estate business if you are looking for the foreign buyers from Russia. Just answer their questions and offer your services and properties – they are really interested!

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2018 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved

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