A Little Known Secret of Promoting Your Real Estate Services to Foreign Buyers

How to be considered an acknowledged expert in real estate in your country/area in the eyes of the foreign buyers and sell properties to them as a result? Free and easy, although requires some work in the foreign internet.


Become an Expert

1. Find the major real estate portals on the foreign internet of the foreign country of your desirable international buyers.

2. Look at their “Consult an expert”, “Ask a question” or any similar section and pay attention to questions/answers and experts that consult about your particular country.

3. Find out how to register on the portal to be able to answer questions about your country’s real estate.

4. You’ll see that all experts/consultants answering the portal visitors’ questions have a clickable link to their websites – and that’s exactly what you need!

5. Anybody interested in real estate in your country will come to your website through this link and buy from you, not from anybody else, as you already had established yourself as an expert!

6. The more questions you answer, the more links to your website you’ll get from that foreign real estate portal with high traffic and high position in the foreign internet. If the links go to your real estate page in the according foreign language, this page of yours will go up and up in the major search engines in that foreign internet. And this will become a significant source of the targeted traffic of your potential foreign buyers!

7. Now you’d like to ask a question I guess: how can you do all of the above if you don’t know the foreign language of your potential buyers – to properly participate in the described activities? Well, there are two ways to accomplish such a promotion: hire a bilingual associate or employ a freelance translator’s help (the cost of which will be just a tiny amount in comparison with your commission on international sales to the foreign buyers).

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2018 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved


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