Paid Advertising on Foreign Internet to Get Foreign Buyers (Part 1)

How to make this informed and correct decision – how much to pay for advertising of your property on the foreign internet or maybe it is not really necessary to spend on it and foreign buyers may come to you regardless?

We have already talked about online advertising that brings visitors to your website or video for a fee in some previous posts (it was about in English for the locals and on any foreign internet for the foreign buyers). Here we will provide the summary along with some hints on how to save on advertising – without missing the main goal of it of course.

The major online advertising tool is pay-per-click (PPC) ads on the search engines, and Google is the major player in the field providing the best coverage for your ads, management tools and possibilities to choose your own prices and advertising strategy. Sign up for a Google account and look it all up at (looking is free of course).

As we have already discussed in the previous posts, Google works in many countries and many languages, and also there are search engines in the foreign languages that provide some similar advertising options, but we’ll talk about the English Google here to simplify the matter.

There are many publications on PPC available online authored by the real experts and you can learn a lot before starting paying advertising money. Here are some tips anyway.

The danger of doing PPC without really knowing what you are doing is losing money. You pay for clicks, but do not have the desired results (namely, inquiries about your properties and finally sales). How to avoid this?

Two things are extremely important for the success of any PPC campaign: Choosing the keywords for which your ad will be found and managing the advertising budget (the monthly total and cost per click). Start small and play with the parameters for a while – Google provides all the tools for changes you wish to do any time.

About the keywords or key phrases (the following discussion applies to any language and any foreign internet as well as to English): With real estate ads you always want to attract targeted to your area internet visitors who will turn into the foreign buyers or local ones, right?

A reasonable compromise should be found between the desire to cover the wider area and the costs. Sure, the cost per click “Florida real estate for sale” will be more expensive than “South Florida real estate for sale”, and the next cheaper option for you might be “Hallandale Beach Florida real estate for sale” and so forth.

The wider the target and the shorter the phrase the price per click goes up, it is understandable. The cost per click for each keyword depends on the number of advertisers who want this keyword, and you can compete with really big guys and show higher than them if you pay more than they do, but do you really need this? Maybe some narrow niche with some cheaper keywords is right for you?

Explore your competition for several keywords you want to be found with, look at their ads on the right of the organic search results – what do you like and what could you do better in terms of copywriting? Where do you want to appear with your own ad? How much would it be per a click? Can you afford it?

Google advertises in many languages in any geographical area of the world and sometimes you can find very cheap keywords on the foreign internet that would suit you beautifully and bring you the foreign buyers for quite a reasonable price.

(To be continued)

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