Linking on Foreign Internet (Part 2)

There are great places on the foreign internet where you can place a link to your site yourself for free (it will be an inbound link for you and that is what you need most of all) – for example, on some forums and blogs you can comment with your live signature. Again, watch for their quality and also your comment should be interesting to the community and meaningful, otherwise a moderator can remove it with no regret. Inbound links are the best and you have to pursue just them mostly.

The idea works the same way for any foreign internet as well as for English. It improves the positioning of your site with search engines and thus brings more visitors who are your potential foreign buyers (as well as local ones when applied in your country’s language).

Sending out press releases with a link to our site is a great way to get respectable links; most of the sites that publish press releases charge a small fee for that.

Of course if you have several websites of your own and they are sort of logically connectable by their topics, link them back and forth – every link counts by bots.

To find possibilities of linking to you is an art and science; some of them can be free and some would demand a small fee for placing a link to your website from theirs. The possibilities are endless, but this route of building links to your new website takes time and some money too. Again – everything said above is valid for any foreign internet (for the foreign buyers) and English too (for the English-speaking real estate buyers).

Applying this strategy to the author’s model property website in Russian created for a loft in Tribeca, New York has eventually made the site to be on the 1st page in the major Russian search engine for the search terms (in Russian) “loft in Tribeca New York” and similar (of course, it would take much more to get any top position for broader terms like “New York real estate” as competition is much higher for these general keywords).

A summary: The good websites on the foreign internet on the topic close to yours that you should consider as a source of a link to your own website can be forums on international real estate for the foreign buyers, international travel blogs, and articles’ libraries – all of them will bring you the potential foreign buyers and also will improve your positioning with search engines that will bring you more visitors as well; sometimes you are allowed to comment on a relevant post or article with a live link to your website; some websites would be willing to do link exchanges with you.

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