Linking on Foreign Internet (Part 1)

What is linking? Links play a very important role in your site promotion on the foreign internet to attract foreign buyers to your properties for sale. When a search engine’s robot (or bot) automatically scans your pages for placing them somewhere in the database, it loves to see links, links and more links. The importance and strategy of getting links are the same for any language on any foreign internet.

To satisfy the bot and also to make it easier for your potential foreign buyers to go from one of your pages to another, link them between themselves in some logical way. For instance, in the text on your home page say something like “If you want to know the citizenship law in my country, go to the Immigration page” and make the sentence a text link – means if visitors click on these words they are transferred to your Immigration page on the same site.  It is preferable to have such internal links on every page if possible.

Be careful with the links leading out of your site (outbound links) and only place those on your pages that are absolutely necessary (if any at all) and go to very respected sites as with that you promote some other sites without receiving anything for yourself and might lose your potential foreign buyers as they can get interested in something over there and then go someplace else and never return to your page… You know how it happens… The English internet is huge. Any foreign internet is huge too.

It is another story if you do the so called link exchange – means you place a link to some site on your site and that other site places a link to your site on theirs. It is fair and helps both sites with the search engine positions. Be careful here too and only go for this with the sites of high quality; otherwise with no fault of yours you can get penalized by search engines one day and you do not even know the reason (but they do know – the site where the bot found a link to you, is doing some illegal promotion from the point of view of the search engine).

Needless to say that you are not going to help promote your competition in any way or let your potential foreign buyers escape over there to buy from your competitor, right?  So, do the exchange preferably with non-competing sites: A real estate for sale on the foreign internet site can exchange links with a translator into that foreign language, for example.

(To be continued)

Copyright © 2017 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved

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