Paid Advertising on Foreign Internet to Get Foreign Buyers (Part 2)

The next important source of paid targeted online traffic of the foreign buyers to your property website or video on the foreign internet is the real estate portal advertising.

This venue is less flexible than PPC as you just prepay the amount that the particular portal requires, the portal runs the ad for the time agreed for the price and that is it. Any change can be done only after this advertising run is over. And the cost of an ad is usually higher or even much higher than with a PPC campaign, so you have to pay more attention to choosing the platform.

In this type of online advertising that brings targeted traffic of the foreign buyers to your property on the foreign internet you will need some compromise too – between the visibility of your ad and the cost. Sure, being on the portal’s main page is more expensive than on the page with your country’s properties only, but do you really need the first option? Compare the media kits and price lists of several real estate portals in the foreign country that interests you and choose wisely within your budget.

Usually the real estate portals allow you to have a listing for your property for a rather low price (not an ad to show higher than others, but just a listing among many other properties, no preferential positioning), and such service does not allow to put any outside links to your own website or video as a rule. There might be exceptions though and you are lucky if you find those. The portal ads that are more expensive than listings, but allow you to redirect the visitors to your own website or video.

Some other, non-real-estate websites and their high traffic may be suitable targets for your goal to showcase your property for sale to the foreign buyers on the foreign internet. Ask them about their advertising policy and pricing and you might find a real gem for yourself. One advice here: The internet visitors prefer to click on a modest text link in an appropriate topical text more than on a multicolor banner, and guess which one you can buy cheaper?

Needless to say that any type of paid internet traffic exists till you pay the advertising fees only and stops as soon as you stop paying. Some well-promoted property websites with significant traffic may not need advertising, but new websites that usually do not show high in organic searches and thus have almost no traffic should attract visitors one way or the other and the paid online advertising is the sure way to start.

A summary: For real estate sellers the paid advertising on search engines, real estate portals and some other third party websites brings the targeted internet traffic of the foreign buyers to the property website or video on the foreign internet and can be profitable if the advertising platform has been chosen wisely.

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