How to Be the First on Foreign Internet and Sell to Foreign Buyers? (Part 3)

The Case Study from the previous two posts continues here: The South Americans are the old and devoted friends of Miami and Florida, they even use to say that it is good to buy a home in Miami because “Miami is so close to the U.S.” That’s why you check Google in South American Spanish too in your search for the foreign buyers on the foreign internet.

And the last, but not the least – in Brazilian Portuguese as there is a rumor that Brazilians are all the rage in Florida real estate.

This way you have collected the data you need to compare marketing in countries and languages of the potential foreign buyers – investors you want to bring to purchase your property, and thus you are ready to make the final decision taking your advertising budget into consideration. And what is really great about advertising with Google AdWords ( ) for various geographical areas of the world is that you communicate with the platform in English (terms of advertising and payments), but cover other countries with your ads. Of course, the ads have to be in the languages of the countries you target.

Now, where would your pay-per-click ad lead a person who actually clicked on it? It can be a brochure type website about your property in the language of the ad or just a YouTube video or slide show of the property and area photos with some text and your contact information for inquiries.

 P.S. If after all of the research of “By Owner” options and pricing, you decide to drop this path and go with a realtor, then you have already seen so many realtors’ websites on the first pages of Google in several countries that sell Hallandale Beach condos: Florida local realtors, local who advertise abroad, foreign in several countries, and some of them are based in Miami while advertising on the foreign internet, that you have an extensive choice. While interviewing the real estate agents make sure they know that you are interested in the foreign buyers with cash, and ask them whether your property will be on the first page of Google on the foreign internet as you actually saw their websites over there.

A summary: A case study of propelling a property for sale to the top or sometimes even to the first position on the foreign internet in various countries and languages immediately. More details are in How to Be the First on Foreign Google (E-Series: How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers Book 5)

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