Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Foreign Internet (Part 1)

What is SEO anyway? This is a set of webmaster’s tools or rules of website building. The rules are the same in any language for any foreign internet as they are in English.

We have mentioned the importance of SEO in the previous posts, now it is finally time to talk about it in more detail. SEO for the foreign internet will make you money bringing free internet traffic of foreign buyers, while NO SEO will break you as no traffic means no sales and just a waste of money for the website, or you are predestined to always pay for traffic as your site will not show up for the internet searchers – your potential foreign buyers – to find and see it.

Every future website owner should familiarize themselves with SEO before even starting a project and only then hire a web designer by carefully interviewing candidates. To a big surprise, many of them would have a very vague idea on the subject. They like to produce beauty, and only a handful of them put the usefulness of the future website ahead. But why would you need an extremely artistic website with all kinds of whistles which all the search engines ignore and as a result do not show the site to searchers on the topic?

Search engines show to their searchers all the relevant websites in some order according to their secret algorithms that nobody knows for sure, but it is obvious that the more relevant the site is to the request of the searcher, the higher it shows to him or her. This is called “organic search results”, and the rule applies to any foreign internet as well as to English. It costs you absolutely nothing if the potential foreign buyers find your site and click on it to explore in details when the search engine shows it as relevant to the keyword of the search.

Of course you want to be shown as close to the number one on the first page of the results as possible while the number one is everybody’s dream – all foreign internet visitors are at your feet then, they click on your site #1, get happy with your material, do not need any other site and eventually turn into your foreign buyers. Yes, when visitors come to your site they have to be turned into purchasers and the beauty might play some positive role here, but never ever put beauty ahead of effectiveness of the web design.

From the point of common sense – what will a search engine look for on a page to make a decision about its relevance to the keyword or key phrase that the searcher asks? The keyword or phrase must be in the following places on the page first of all: The domain name, the title and description of the page, the headline and absolutely in the text on several occasions (not too many though, the search engines recognize the trick and punish such sites).

There are also possibilities to include the keywords in pictures’ descriptions and link names.

While the texts might be easily changed later, not so with the domain name which should be chosen wisely once and forever and include your major keyword one way or the other. You may say that the domain name of Amazon has nothing to do with bookselling, but it is the number one bookseller anyway. Yes, but will you have the same size of a marketing budget as Amazon to promote your site?

(To be continued)

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All Rights Reserved

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