How to Be the First on Foreign Internet and Sell to Foreign Buyers? (Part 2)

The Case Study from the previous post continues here: The easiest and logical step to get on the foreign internet to be able to sell your property to the foreign buyers is to search the Canadian field in English. Oh, no luck either, the competition is stiff, but the paid ads are only on the first page and do not fill all the space available on the page, so pay-per-click advertising on the first page where you want to be, may be not as expensive for Canada as for the U.S. (the population of Canada is 10 times smaller than the U.S., so any ad is exposed to fewer viewers).

It could be the way to go: You will be on the first page for the Canadians as your potential foreign buyers right away! Canadian real estate prices had never fallen along with American because of much tougher mortgage approval rules in Canada, and just a couple of years ago Canadians used to borrow against their expensive homes in Canada to buy cheap Florida homes for their future retirement with this cash.

Now the Florida real estate prices are going up; also the Canadian dollar was equal to the American buck a couple of years ago, which is not the case anymore as the world’s low oil prices have affected the Canadian export and dollar, so “yes” or “no” to Google’s pay-per-click advertising for Canada in English requires some further investigation in our theoretical search for the prospective foreign buyers on the foreign internet.

French-speaking Canadians from the province of Quebec love Florida and French at the same time. Searching Canadian Google in French for “immobilier à Hallandale beach floride” we can see not so overcrowded environment, no big names and no paid ads at all which means that you can buy the key phrase very cheap and be the number one for about five million French Canadians in no time.

The next step will be checking your competition, ads pricing and thus the marketing options on the foreign internet in Russia by . The Russians are not in the best shape now with the falling ruble, but those of them who are in international business do not care much about the ruble as their monies are usually in other currencies, and you know that many condo owners in your building are Russian anyway; it is worth trying to check. The result: No paid ads; you may advertise cheaply and immediately be the number one for all the Russian-speaking population of the world.

(To be continued)

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