How to Be Found and Seen by Foreign Buyers (Part 2)

Let’s look at an example on the English internet to explain the importance of the keywords.

The author’s professional website that had been built initially as a translator’s website for clients who value quality, and for the key phrase “accurate English Russian translation” is #1 on Google if one puts the search phrase in the quotation marks. (Google has this function: To search for the exact combination of words one has to use the quotation marks around them.) The site is #8 for the same phrase without the quotation marks (most internet searchers do not use quotation marks of course). In Yahoo and Bing the site is positioned at #3 for “accurate English Russian translation”.

Not bad, if we consider that the site has not been promoted to get translating jobs for years, but turned to international real estate marketing instead. Anyway, this is the result for the 4-words search phrase. (Please, keep in mind that all the positions in the internet searches that we use in this discussion as examples are checked at the time of writing, but the internet is ever so changing that they may be different when you try to search at some other time, but this does not revise the basics.)

Now let’s see the result for the shorter 3-words phrase “English Russian translation”. In the quotation marks my site is now on page 3 and on page 5 without the quotation marks. It means that hardly anybody can find this translator using the 3-words search phrase.

Moving to the 2-words phrase “Russian translation”, and then to a single keyword “translation”, we cannot see this website anywhere at all (well, we are talking only about several first pages of the search results here).

Do you feel how the keyword or phrase used by a searcher changes the website’s position and thus the possibility to be found? It is quite understandable that it is the most difficult to win a good position for a single keyword and a very short phrase – the competition is severe and only big companies with big marketing money spent on their internet promotion usually are the winners.

But in many circumstances you will not need it anyway, right? You are not going to do “real estate” marketing in general. You will be willing to be found for “real estate in Marin county California”, “investment properties in Marin county California”, “buy a home in Marin county California” or similarly longer phrases according to your properties and location.

When the author switched from translating to international real estate marketing in Russian, some marketing pages had been added to the website. Let’s see in what position the site appears for the search terms “find Russian buyers” and even shorter “Russian buyers”. It is #1 in all Big Three: Google, Yahoo and Bing, quotation marks or not.

Yes, this result had required applying the SEO rules while building the new real estate marketing pages and some work promoting them on the internet (not one red cent to pay though), and later we will talk about what you can do with your foreign property website to be on top and highly visible to your consumers.

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