How to Be Found and Seen by Foreign Buyers (Part 1)

How will potential foreign buyers, who might be interested in your property, find you online in their own foreign language on the foreign internet? Will you show up ahead of the similar properties of your competitors? A million-dollar question!

Let’s see how it works on the English internet making the explanation easier, and then we will find out that on the foreign internet it works the same way, just in the foreign language. Internet searchers type in a keyword or more often a phrase in the search window to get websites that answer their request and browse through them. Usually they look at the websites on the first page of the results, rarely on the second and third, but almost never further than that.

To be found and seen on the foreign internet, you have to be on the first page or on the second or third at the very least; anything further means nobody would know you ever existed.

A lot depends on the algorithm that one or the other search engine uses to put websites in a particular order in return to a particular keyword typed in the search window. These algorithms are not the same for every search engine, they are big companies’ secrets and changed once in a while – not to let some inventive webmasters abuse them.

Anyway, there is some common sense knowledge that helps with understanding how the positioning algorithms work: The more relevant to the keyword is the text of a particular website the higher to the top will this website go in the results of the search to be seen by the inquirer. This explains by the way why you need not only pictures on your property website, but enough words in the foreign language too to be found by the search engines and thus the human searchers you target eventually.

There are other rules of the proper website building called search engine optimization (SEO), and we will talk about them later. Again – the basic SEO rules are the same for any foreign internet as they are for English, just have to be implemented in the appropriate language.

The first thing comes first and you have to decide on the keywords and phrases that your potential foreign buyers are going to use while searching for your properties on the foreign internet. It is a research that will make you money (the foreign buyers find you) or waste your money (the foreign buyers do not find you, and all your active internet marketing brings no result). Then you build your property foreign website around these keywords while using SEO in the foreign language.

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