How to Be Found and Seen by Foreign Buyers (Part 3)

Here is an example from the foreign internet: The author has a Russian website that has been built for the main search term “investing in Florida real estate” (in Russian of course – for the Russian buyers). The site is sitting on a free Russian platform which is actually against the rules as they say that such sites can never get any good positioning with search engines. But it started years ago as a learning project actually, and this justifies the platform choice, although the mandatory for the free platforms the third party ads are annoying sometimes.

Nevertheless, due to the proper SEO (in Russian) the site is #1 now for the term “investing in Florida real estate” in the most popular Russian search engine Yandex. For the shorter term “Florida real estate”, that the Russian buyers might very well use, it is on page 3 – again, due to the huge competition for the positions among real estate companies and real estate portals as everybody is out there on the Russian internet to sell Florida to the Russian buyers.

Returning to English: Here it is the same situation that everybody is out there to sell Florida to anybody who searches for real estate in Florida in English. Try to search for real estate in any Floridian city and probably you will see that the top positions in searches are always taken by the Big Three real estate marketing sites: Realtor, Zillow and Trulia (with their huge marketing budgets!). Everybody else follows.

Still, you want to be ahead of your peers if you cannot win over the giants, right? Use the giants to your advantage – advertise with them. Also pay-per-click advertising that you see on the right of the first pages of search engines is not that expensive for some keywords (although very expensive for some popular ones), and you can use it to the benefit of your real estate marketing as well.

The previous discussion was more about active real estate marketing with your own foreign language website. There are other possibilities of being found and seen on the foreign internet, the same as in English: Listing with the big real estate portals for international properties and advertising with the search engines in the foreign language. More on this later.

A summary: To be found and seen by your potential foreign buyers first of all you have to build your property website on the foreign internet according to the foreign language SEO and around the proper keywords in the foreign language; you can also list and advertise with the foreign real estate portals and search engines, and these possibilities we will discuss in the following posts.

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