What Should You Know about Cultural Differences of Your Foreign Buyers (Part 1)

In some previous posts we have already talked about the importance of knowing your potential foreign buyers’ cultural nuances to take into consideration in international real estate marketing. Of course, each nation has to be considered separately, but here we’ll discuss in detail the major common principles to apply to each nation of the foreign buyers.

cultural differences foreign buyers

Language. No doubt that everybody prefers to communicate and receive information in their own language, and any seller should conform to the buyer’s taste and deliver accordingly. Here is a question though: In your target nation, how many people really know English?

Sometimes you need to work harder and go deeper in the foreign language real estate marketing, if the target nation’s buyers aren’t really very knowledgeable in English as Chinese and Russians, for example. The Western Europeans, on the other hand, usually know several languages, English including (they do love English or do not, it’s a different problem with some of them).

Social Norms. This is an extremely important issue! Always, always, always keep in mind that your foreign buyers’ social norms may be quite different from your own. Without knowing the specifically targeted international buyers’ written and unwritten rules of behavior, you can easily offend them and that might bring your business with them to an unsuccessful ending. Mostly it’s about the stage of your personal communication with the prospective buyers, when your marketing efforts did bring the fruits (real leads-prospects) and you do not want to lose them.

Here is a real life example: A Russian buyer dropped an American realtor immediately after the buyer was sent on a tour to see properties accompanied by a low rank young employee. Russians prefer to deal with authoritative business persons who are ready to answer any question and solve any problem instead of being referred down to a low level of workers. Never try to save your time at the expense of a lost Russian client this way.

Business Etiquette. Yes, it’s more or less similar between the Western countries, but it differs (sometimes significantly) while dealing with the foreign buyers from the far away Eastern countries like China. Having said that, at the same time we find out that the most publications about cross-cultural selling emphasize just the business etiquette issue, and you will have no problem learning it for your target nation.

I have made my best effort to summarize a ton of available sources on the topic of the Chinese buyers in my latest compact e-book How to Sell Real Estate to the Chinese: Overview (E-Series: How to Beat Your Competition Selling Real Estate to Foreign Buyers Book 10) (it’s about the Chinese business etiquette and social norms and about other important issues of marketing to the Chinese buyers, including using the Chinese internet to your advantage without learning Chinese!)

(to be continued)

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
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International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

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