Why Is It Important to Define Your Prospective Foreign Buyers’ Nationality for Successful Real Estate Marketing?

Leaving alone the importance of taking into consideration your potential foreign buyers’ cultural differences for your real estate marketing, let’s talk about the internet they use.
google foreign buyers real estate

Even in the easiest case of an American seller willing to find Canadian foreign buyers (the same English language spoken), the seller should know that the internet is NOT the same in both countries! How?

Google has its own localized version for each country, and in Canada you won’t see the same websites on the first page (and further) and not in the same order as in the U.S., even if you search for exactly the same keyword in English. Surprise? You looked up your American property for sale on Google to check its positioning, saw the site where you advertise it on top on many others, and now are happily waiting for Canadians to find it and contact you. Not so fast though.

Let’s try to search for a keyword combination “Florida condo for sale” on google.com and on google.ca. At the time when I did it, there were 8 websites the Canadian and American searches had in common (although not in the same order at all!) and 2 different ones on the first page of searches (people rarely go further than the first page, so you definitely prefer to advertise your property for sale on a site that is on the first page!).

If you happened to advertise your property for sale on those 2 sites that are missing from the Canadian results, you missed the Canadian target completely! (The internet is ever changing and at some other time the first page configuration may come out a bit different.)

So, you see that international real estate marketing requires to advertise your property on such websites that show up high on the NATIONAL internet of your potential foreign buyers.

In the case above both internets are English, and even then we see variances, but if we go to the internet in a foreign language, there will be lots of differences or nothing in common with the results from your home country at all.

Let’s go to google.ru and try to find “Florida condo for sale” in Russian. NOT one of the sites that we had seen on google.com is here for us to use, all the real estate portals on the first page of the results (and further too) with Florida properties for sale are only Russian.

Thus, your international real estate marketing starts with making a decision which nationals you are going to target as your foreign buyers, and as a result on which internet you want to be visible with your property for sale.

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2017 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved


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