Communicating with Foreign Buyers (Part 2)

To successfully arrive to the closing table selling real estate to any foreign buyer, you have to communicate with him or her a lot in the process by email or phone (whatever the buyer prefers) answering questions and providing any additional information the buyer requires. This can be done with the help of a trustworthy bilingual person, not necessarily highly qualified for translating marketing and legal texts, but who masters both languages very well – to avoid any confusion.

Your interpreter may answer emails and phone calls. Some foreign buyers do not require all the legal papers in the process of selling real estate to be translated in full, and completely trusting your country’s official procedures they just want to have an idea what is in there that they sign at closing. In such cases the interpreter will just tell them what you read from the papers. The interpreters are usually paid by the hour.

During their visit to your city to see your property the foreign buyers might be willing to employ an interpreter to help them with sightseeing, shopping and other necessities of life in the foreign country, but they pay for such services on their own of course. Your responsibility is only to interpreting on the business of selling real estate. Showing of your property to the foreigner is the very important step when you require the interpreter’s help.

Some sellers try to use free online translation tools in communication with the foreign buyers to save money as they think, but believe it or not, it would be just wasting of money spent on marketing as you may just lose the buyers this way. We have already discussed earlier how free translation may ruin your business.

As the last resort (if no translator or interpreter available at the moment) you write your email in English and offer the other party to apply a free online translation tool on their side. This way you will be not responsible for any funny or offensive or just plain wrong things that can come out of your email. If you are going this route, do your best to write in short and grammatically correct English sentences without any idioms and slang to make the text easier for the machine translation and thus as closer to accurate as possible.

Realtors and developers often hire bilingual real estate agents with all the languages they target, let them deal with the foreign buyers from the according countries and pay them a commission on sales, then there is no need in any third party interpreters. Marketing and legal written translation are a different profession, but some bilinguals may be up to this task as well if you are lucky to find them.

A summary: Communication with your potential foreign buyers in the process of selling real estate is the task of the same importance as real estate marketing – you find the buyer through marketing and you do not want to lose them because of the lack of proper communication tools.

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