Communicating with Foreign Buyers (Part 1)

What is the final goal of all the real estate marketing options, possibilities and efforts? It is selling real estate. The closing procedures are various in various countries, but there is always at least one thing in common in any sale to the foreign buyers – communication with the foreigner.

So, let’s see: You have a great website in the foreign language that is properly positioned on the foreign internet or you run a paid advertising over there, and the marketing tools start to bring inquiries. The potential buyers most probably will email you in their own language which is foreign to you, or even call on the phone also speaking in their foreign language. What do you do?

As far as the author’s regular clients in her marketing consulting practice (all selling real estate from all over the world to the Russian buyers) are concerned, they almost never think that far ahead and only concentrate on getting a buyer (the sooner the better and that is it). The sellers seem to think that the foreign buyers somehow miraculously will know the seller’s language or English at least. Well, it will not be the case most of the time.

According to Wikipedia a bit more than 5% of Russians know English which makes approximately 7 million people; less than 1% of Chinese know English which makes about 10 million people. You might think of relying just on these folks and not caring about any others, but do you remember that your initial goal was to bring as many potential foreign buyers as only possible?

Plus you never know how well these foreigners actually know English and it may become a huge confusion at the end if you say one thing, but they understand the other. And what is the cost of translating and interpreting in comparison with a real estate sale after all?

In reality it is never too early to think of the success of your future communication with your potential foreign buyers – after spending so much money, time and effort on marketing you do not want to miss any single inquiry and want to pay the highest level of attention to each, right?

There are two ways of communication with the foreigners in the process of selling real estate: In writing (called translation) and orally (called interpreting).

We have already discussed translators of the written word and how you need to find the best translator for your marketing materials to be published online or in print in the previous posts. Later you will need all the property legalese to be translated for the closing when the foreign buyer is ready to close on the deal, and this requires the qualified translator as well.

The next post will be about interpreting to the foreign buyers in the process of selling real estate.

(To be continued)

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All Rights Reserved

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