How to Develop Trust with Foreign Buyers (Part 2)

A developer advertises properties on the foreign internet. Not much different from the previous post case of a realtor from the point of view of a foreign buyer. If the developer’s homes or condos are still under construction, even more efforts are required from the developer to build trust with potential buyers as cases of never completed properties are well known all over the world. What can help your business over some others to win the buyers’ trust is the history of successful completion of the previous projects.

“For Sale by Owner”. Here we have to talk a bit more about the major principles of building trust with your potential foreign buyers or foreign buyers’ realtors if you use any.

Firstly, state clearly that you are the owner and the only decision-maker on the property sale (if this is the case).

Secondly, if you are going to bring the foreign realtors on board to get you a buyer from abroad, take the best care to inform the realtors upfront on how much and especially how and when you will pay them.

Thirdly, present your property and area in the foreign internet in the language of your target buyers in all detail one can only imagine with plenty of photos of the property from any angle and corner, the area too, and a video if possible. Make a full impression that you have nothing to hide.

A potential buyer cannot just take a short drive to see your property on a weekend; to see your property would take a lot of effort, time and money, so keep the foreign buyer well informed upfront to make it worthwhile for them and absolutely believable that there will be no unpleasant surprises for them on arrival to your town.

Also be open and informative about the area, travel options and distances, visas if required to enter your country for citizens of the country you target, and the legal process of selling-buying-owning properties by foreigners in your jurisdiction. Be ready to employ a local interpreter into the language of your target foreign buyers for their visits to see your property.

A summary: Being reliable, honest, effective and highly informative upfront in your target real estate foreign buyers’ language will earn you their trust and facilitate the closing to your and their advantage.

Copyright © 2016 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved

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