How to Sell to Foreign Buyers without Knowing Their Language (Part 1)

How to communicate successfully with the foreign buyers to be able to sell properties to them?

Earlier we have already mentioned one of the ideas that some of property sellers and realtors stick to: I did my best to market the property for sale in my own language, cultural attributes and usual media, and anybody who is interested is welcome to contact me in my language. This way of marketing is the easiest for the sellers and realtors, but cannot really bring the foreign buyers, maybe one or two once in a while by chance.

In any circumstances when you need to expand your pool of buyers because the locals do not buy your properly advertised property for the price you want for whatever reason, you have to reach the foreign buyers in the way that is the easiest for them to get to know about your property for sale.

And it means to deliver all the information in their own language as not many of them speak your language, but even if they do, it is much easier for them to search and reach the necessary real estate information in the comfort of their own language. At the same time keep in mind that there are many other competing properties they can find advertised in their own language.

Here we come to the first necessity of hiring a translator who knows the language and culture of the country that you have decided to target to attract real estate buyers from there and who is also knowledgeable in real estate and its marketing.

This person might be able not just translate your marketing materials, but also help with the cultural differences and future marketing decisions in the foreign country, if this is your goal to market the property on your own directly to the foreign buyers without any foreign realtors’ involvement to save on real estate commissions.

Even if you are going to involve the foreign realtors to market your property commission-based, it is more effective to take your own responsibility of preparing the foreign language marketing materials in cooperation with the proper translator as nobody knows your property’s features better than you. Leaving the preparation of your foreign marketing materials at the mercy of somebody who does not care for your property more than for any other, would do you a real disservice.

When you start receiving leads from the foreign country you target for selling your property, here comes the second necessity to hire a local helper who speaks the buyers’ language as it is hard to expect the foreign buyers to speak your language or master it to the fullest, but after all the trouble and expense you have gone to with marketing, you do not want to drop potential buyers just because they are not able to communicate with you.
Even if you rely on the foreign realtors to deal with the inquirers and leads, an exciting moment will come one day when a foreign buyer arrives to see your property and you do not want to lose the deal that is almost ready to close.

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