Passive vs. Active Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers (Part 2)

The foreign realtors are in the business of making money for themselves first of all as any other business entity in the world, right? So, your particular interests as sellers of some real estate somewhere far away in the world trying to find some foreign buyers for your property are the last thing on their minds actually. Of course, it can happen that your and their interests cross the roads together at some point, and then the sale is being done.

Let’s put ourselves in the foreign realtor’s shoes for a moment. How can they be sure that they get their commission in full and on time for this particular sale? Hmm… Although just this property from all the everyday flow seems perfect for this particular buyer they have now, but maybe it is better to forgo it because who knows how good this new seller will be with the commission payment? Money rules the world and real estate marketing and selling as well.

Another point for you to consider: Usually realtors receive lots of offers from around the globe that are requesting their attention and describing all kinds of properties that may or may not be their specialty. Most of the offers are concentrated on the properties, very often coming with bulky attachments of photos and sales brochures in all wrong formats, but how many of them are talking about the most important thing for any realtor: What is it in this offer to the realtor in terms of commission and support in marketing and selling?

Yes, any foreign realtor would be much happier with you than with anybody else as a seller, if you do show your willingness to support their real estate marketing efforts and make life easier for them: You write to them in their language, translate your property description into their language, format the photos, brochures and video per their requests, promise a local interpreter during the foreign buyers’ visits to see your property, and offer whatever you can do to help the foreign realtors with your property’s promotion in their market. And such an offer of yours will always prevail over the others and win the foreign realtors’ attention.

The following part of the blog will be all about winning this game in passive real estate marketing to the foreign buyers.

A summary: Passive real estate marketing to the foreign buyers with the help of the foreign realtors requires some sellers’ actions as well and the following posts of the blog will deal with this business.

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