Update on Amazon Books on the Topic: Real Estate Foreign Buyers

Let’s go to www.amazon.com and search for “real estate foreign buyers” in Books (keeping in mind that the results may vary for any individual search depending on the time and position in the world).

There are 17 organic results plus 12 Sponsored Ads (probably the latter may vary day-by-day): 3 books are in Spanish or specific to Spanish real estate law, which leaves us with 26 books in English.

Going one-by-one through them all we can find out the following: 4 books are more than 10 years old and that makes them probably useless now as the world has changed significantly since then, which leaves us with 22 books that Amazon search engine considers to be on the required topic.

12 books (advertised as Sponsored) are about real estate, yes, but they have nothing to do with looking for, finding and dealing specifically with the foreign buyers of real estate, while the out-of-country buyers are a huge and growing purchasing power in international real estate business these days.

The rest really up-to-the-topic 10 books are only available in digital, they indeed deal with various aspects of international marketing and selling real estate. The author is yours truly Olga Kellen.

amazon author page screenshot

Thus, I’m looking for a publisher willing to publish a print book “How to Market and Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers”. Open to any constructive ideas, thanks!

Happy blog reading, 

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All Rights Reserved

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