2 types of Foreign Buyers and How to Reach Both with the Same Listing

There are 2 major groups of foreign buyers: 1. some are looking for the best way to invest in real estate abroad – never mind the area, country and type of property; and 2. others who have already made up their mind on a particular investment and are looking for a suitable property.

Not to waste our online presentation (a listing on a portal or webpage or ad) and to reach the both groups of foreign buyers at the same time, we have to combine in the presentation all the property’s features that are attractive to the both types of the foreign buyers.
Potential foreign investors looking for the best harbor for their money abroad will be definitely interested in what privileges and profits their investment might bring them: return-on-investment for a hotel or rental property, citizenship-for-investment for a property of a certain price, etc. Even for a condo or single family home mentioning their rental possibility (if any existing, of course) must be done.

The foreign buyers who already know in what country and area and what type of property they want, will be interested in all details about the property for sale: location, size, age, renovations, exclusive features, etc. Plenty of photos and video are a must.

So, why not to combine all of the above mentioned in one and the same property presentation? Then both types of the foreign buyers will be yours. 

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