Pocket Listings and Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers

It happens that a property owner wants to sell, but at the same time doesn’t want the general public to be informed about it ahead of time, and thus the usual real estate marketing methods are not possible. When and why does it happen?

If this is a commercial property that sells with the business connected, the current owner may fear that the existing clients would feel disturbed by the news and go to a competitor ahead of the future change of management, and this would let the sale price down (who wants to pay a top price for a business with not large number of clients?).

If this is a private property, the owner may fear that the inside pictures of his luxury dwelling would be available for everybody to see, and this would affect his privacy and safety.

Anyway, how to sell a property if it’s not allowed to be publicized (so called a pocket listing)? Pocket listings may be very comfortable for sellers in some circumstances, and also very lucrative for their realtors, but at the same time they are very difficult to market. Where to find a buyer?


The problem may be solved by marketing to foreign buyers in a foreign language on the foreign internet. Thus, the owner may be fully aware that nobody in his surrounding would know about his intent to sell the property (who on Earth is going to search the internet in other languages?), but the property marketing still can be done as wide as desired – to the foreign buyers in the foreign languages on the foreign internet in the foreign countries.

Of course, this approach requires a comprehensive preliminary research of all the marketing possibilities: the foreign buyers from what countries might be mostly interested in this particular property for sale?

Happy blog reading,
Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

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