Internet Almighty. Real Estate Foreign Buyers. What Data Can We Trust?

Nowadays everybody searches the internet for anything, including international real estate trends, news and data, of course. Often people make rather important real estate marketing decisions based on the information they collect on the internet.


How trustable are the internet sources? Hmmm… Everybody can post anything… Sometimes they might have their own hidden reasons…

Recently I’ve checked some articles on the topic of the Russian real estate investors’ preferences while buying internationally. Interestingly, some say that they prefer resorts, some say commercial buildings, some say homes and condos… Who are the authors? Real estate bloggers on various realtors’ websites. Guess what? The companies they represent just specialize in that type of real estate they say is #1. Well, I think they do not lie, they only use a limited amount of data.

The new term “fake news” has appeared in politics first, but it could spread to any other field, like lifestyle, for example. You can find controversial postings about the same matters at the same time. Also views have a tendency to change.

Do you remember the old times when coffee had been considered leading to cancer? Now some researchers say coffee is full of antioxidants and coffee drinkers live longer. Taking supplements? In the past calcium was kind of obligatory for women of certain age, now some say it has health risks. Etc.

Anyway, here on our turf we are always interested in exact, correct and up to date info on real estate foreign buyers to make our decision – to market or not to market our property for sale to them?

Tips on researching the real estate foreign buyers’ trends:

– When you search for information, pay attention to the original source only, not letting multiple re-postings fool you to think that this particular view is dominating the field.

– Also look at the author and try to evaluate – is it an independent journalist or a realtor promoting his business?

– And of course, look at the year of a publication, as real estate trends may differ with time.

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2019 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved


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