Foreign Buyers Talk about International Property Purchasing Experience

Now I’d like to translate for my readers an article about one Moscow man’s buying experience of a villa in Cyprus. Why would I want to share it with you? It may be interesting and important for your marketing real estate to foreign buyers, as comes first hand from such a buyer and shows what and how exactly he looked for in an international property.

Thus you may want to address the foreign buyers’ needs the way they expect – to better meet their requirements, wishes and hopes, and have more sales faster and for more money because of your proper marketing.

Some facts about this international buyer and the property he has happily purchased, and then talked about his experience with an interviewer on the Russian real estate portal Prian:

-The buyer comes from Moscow, Russia;

-He has researched his options through the internet, then visited the places;

-He has bought a villa near the beach for his own family in Cyprus (the country is rather popular with the Russians because of the warm climate and sea, comfortable and safe lifestyle, reasonably easy communication, and also the “Golden Visa” program of obtaining residence permits and citizenship for a real estate foreign buyer and his family);

-The villa measures about 700 sq. meters (7000 sq. feet), the lot about 1200 sq. meters (12 000 sq. feet), the price 3 million Euros at the development stage.


Let’s see what the buyer’s preferences were:

-The area

Answering the interviewer’s questions the buyer returns more than once to the beauty, convenience, safety and infrastructure of the area.

(Note: This is a very important part of your marketing – do not neglect your area’s detailed description! And targeting a particular foreign nation’s buyer, do your best to show the attractiveness of your area to this particular nation – like ethnic stores and restaurants around, local use of this particular foreign language in the area if any, etc.)

-The villa’s quality

Again, more than once the buyer discusses the ways he has learned about the villa’s features and quality of the construction.

(Note: Never forget to mention the best qualities of your property for sale, especially for a target market – like reliability and safety features, etc.)


The buyer had a contract with a developer to build the villa in a gated community (through a realtor and an attorney), and reveals all the possible problems in such an arrangement and how he thoughtfully had foreseen avoiding them.

(Note: It’ll work in your favor if from the very beginning you disclose all the best features of your services that may make your foreign buyer calm and thus deal remotely with you without any anxiety of losing money.)

-Second passport

Like many other foreign buyers, this buyer is interested in the “Golden Visa” program and hopes to receive citizenship of Cyprus for the whole family soon (they have already moved into their new home at the moment of the interview and look for a school for their kid).

(Note: If your country provides some special favors for the foreign buyers of real estate, you owe it to yourself to find out whether your property for sale fits the legal requirements, and if this is the case, include such opportunity into your description!)

(This was a compressed English text of the original article in Russian.)

Resume: while creating your materials for real estate marketing to foreign buyers, have your international buyer’s “portrait” in mind and do your best to meet his needs to achieve more sales faster and for more money.

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2018 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved


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