Knowledge vs. Information in Marketing Real Estate to Foreign Buyers

We are all overwhelmed with information nowadays. But we still strive for knowledge! You are going to ask: what’s the difference?

You may find many definitions of knowledge and information on the internet and in print dictionaries. Some even might say that these two words mean the same – I would disagree though.

My formula is the following “Information (raw facts) + Analysis = Knowledge (awareness that’s ready to apply to practice)”.


In terms of marketing and selling real estate to the foreign buyers, information is plentiful on one hand and at the same time is not enough on the other. Why so? Let’s look at the issue with the help of the case study below.

Case Study

As an example, we want to evaluate our chances to sell a property in Finland to a foreign buyer.

The quick internet search brings us an article Transaction volumes in the Finnish property market reached a record high of €10.4 billion in 2017. It states that “the proportion of foreign buyers in the Finnish real estate market amounts to 70 percent in 2017. It shows a significant increase to 2016 when foreign investors accounted for only 29 percent” – sounds great for our projected sales!

Another article also comes to our attention Growing market: Foreign buyers behind 4 percent of Finland’s 2017 real estate sales. It states that “of the 133,000 properties sold in Finland last year, some 5,200 were bought by international customers, with Estonian, Russian and Chinese buyers topping the list, according to a Finnish real estate firm” – what’s that? So, how many foreign buyers did we have in Finland last year? 70% or 4%???

It’s not really my goal here to fully explore the recent market of the foreign buyers in Finnish real estate – you see that we would need much more research, although some facts seem already appealing. We’ll have to find out how the cited sources measured the percentages, how reliable the sources are, what the dates of the publications are, etc.

(Also we’ll have to look for some historic data to understand the trend and where it heads. And of course, the more accurate and fine analysis needed if we want to know how popular our property’s area with the foreign buyers is.)

Thus, this post is just a try to show the difference between the raw information and the knowledge that can really justify and support your marketing to the foreign buyers’ efforts.

Happy blog reading,
Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

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All Rights Reserved

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