More on Real Estate Online Promotion to Foreign Buyers

In the previous post we have discussed the easiest and fastest way of promoting your new web presentation of properties for sale to the foreign buyers: placing ads on foreign real estate portals and linking them to your web page in the according foreign language.

It supplies the constant traffic of targeted foreign buyers, but costs money of course. Another issue with this promotion: it exists as long as you pay for your ads, but disappears immediately as soon as you stop paying the portal for advertising.

There are other options of showing your web presentation of real estate for sale to the foreign buyers, and these options are free and these links stay forever – isn’t it great?

Of course, instead of paying for advertising, you have to spend your own valuable time if you know the foreign language of the prospective real estate buyers and do the promotion yourself. Or you have to have a bilingual assistant or a third party helper (a freelance translator), but it’s much cheaper than advertising, and what is the most attractive – you stay on the foreign buyers’ radar forever!

Here we are talking about some third party websites that concern your country’s real estate in the foreign internet – forums, for example, where people share their opinions, personal experiences, ask and answer questions about properties similar to yours.

Some of such forums allow outside links in the discussions – and this is exactly what you need! Register to participate, say something meaningful, include a link to your page in that foreign language, and here we go – you have targeted visitors from this forum where people gather on the foreign internet who are interested in what you might offer them!

Case Study

Recently I’ve got a request for services from Mauritius – to help with promoting their local commercial real estate for sale to the Russian buyers. To offer a justified and effective marketing plan to my client, I had to learn about the country and its presence on the Russian internet first of all.

Mauritius is a tiny island state off the coast of Africa, a vacation spot, popular with the Russians. And we know that where people love to travel, they often buy properties.

Among other things I’ve looked at the Russian forums about Mauritius. And voila – there is an investment forum on the first page of my search that among other things talks about investing in real estate in Mauritius and I see a link posted by a registered user to his website. It’s a great opportunity for the future promotion of the Russian web presentation of my client’s properties in Mauritius!

This is the way to go for any other internet in any other language to attract the foreign buyers from any country you consider worthy of your marketing efforts.

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2018 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved



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