How to Promote Your Online Brochure to Foreign Buyers

In the previous post we have started to talk about the cost-effective way of marketing real estate to foreign buyers on the foreign internet by creating a separate page in that foreign language on your English website.

Now let’s talk more about the direct promotion of such a page on the foreign internet – to deliver the info to as many potential foreign buyers as possible (still without robbing a bank).


As mentioned earlier, we can’t really rely on the foreign search engines to automatically place such a single new page anywhere high enough in their organic search results, so we need to do something to have visitors, right? After all, you’ve created the page to attract attention and get sales, not to sit invisible.

I always compare the case of a website (or page) without any promotion done to the following situation: you have designed and printed thousands of beautiful marketing brochures and then, instead of giving them away, you put them in the basement where nobody would ever see them. Does it make any sense to spend on creating and producing the brochures in the first place?

The fastest, easiest and effective (not the cheapest maybe) method of getting potential foreign buyers to see your new page and learn about you, your services and your offers of real estate for sale in their language would be your ads on the foreign real estate portals linked to the page you want to promote.

Your target foreign internet searchers – the potential foreign buyers of your properties – visit such portals very often and in great numbers, as they know that tons of properties might be found there. Being there you get your share of the targeted internet traffic and may successfully compete with other sellers of some similar properties.

Yes, the ads cost money, but some careful researching of the portal’s traffic numbers and pricing would allow you to find the best cost-effective portal or several. Also pay attention to strategically place your ads where the most searchers for your country’s properties would go on the portal (ads on a country’s specific portal page may be cheaper than on the home page, for example).

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

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All Rights Reserved

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