3 Tips: How to Save on Marketing Real Estate to Foreign Buyers

Selling real estate to foreign buyers is a lucrative business, but to get to the field would cost money… How to reduce your initial marketing costs?cost-2983238__3401. Do your due diligence

Research carefully your possibilities to sell your area properties to some particular groups of international buyers, and choose first of all only the most promising one to concentrate on this language internet to market your properties. If there are other promising groups (languages) as well, put them on the back burner for a while and thus save your marketing budget.

(Go back to some old posts of this blog to check on choosing the foreign countries for your real estate marketing.)

2. Look carefully at your marketing texts before sending them for translation, and brush them up according to the needs of your prospective foreign buyers only. Eliminating things that have no interest for the foreigners will reduce your word count and the total cost of translation this way.

3. Instead of creating a foreign language working copy of your full website, make just one informative separate page in the foreign language on your existing website. It can serve as a short combination of “About us”, “Our area”, “Our properties” and “Contact us”.

Also place a couple of your typical properties for sale (with photos and descriptions) on this page and a link to your catalogue/search (that will stay in English for now). There will be no urgent need to update these typical properties often, and thus you save on translation and web design.

This way you’ll have an online “brochure” in the foreign language of your first choice for international real estate marketing. You can’t count on the foreign search engines to place such a single page high in their visitors’ searches of course.

Anyway, you have the following powerful options to show up in front of the foreign buyers’ eyes:

a. Find business partners in the target country to co-operate with you in sales and allow them to copy your typical properties for their own advertising (with their own contacts of course) and they will send you buyers.

b. Place an ad on a foreign real estate portal and link it to this foreign language page of yours, thus you’ll have a steady traffic of the foreign buyers from that foreign country.

c. Find forums on the foreign internet that is your target, where people discuss your country’s real estate, post some meaningful opinions with links to your brochure in their language, etc. This way you’ll also bring the targeted traffic of buyers to your properties. (Note: there are also other known promotion methods you can use for your online brochure on the foreign internet.)

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2018 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved



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