How Do You Know That Your Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers Is the Best?

In the previous posts of this blog we have talked a lot about the best tactics for creating attractive and convincing descriptions and photos of your property for sale to foreign buyers. But is your presentation really on par or preferably better than others in your class of properties and price range? How to make sure that you will be the winner in the eyes of the foreign buyers?

To know that, one has to look at the competition very closely and compare one’s own presentation to theirs, analyze, borrow the best features of other sellers’ descriptions and correct one’s own possible mistakes (if any found).

Before going to the foreign internet where you present your property for sale in the foreign language that you probably don’t know, look at the competing sellers’ properties (more or less similar to yours) in your own language. Then go to the foreign internet and look there (the picture may be different!).

Case Study

Let’s say you want to sell a condo in one of the three high-rises of Beach Club in Hallandale, Florida, U.S. (A note: “Beach Club” has actually nothing to do with any club, it’s just the name of a large luxury condo complex. It suits very well to offer to the foreign buyers, as the prices in these buildings are higher than in the neighborhood and the locals usually prefer other choices around.)


If you google “Beach Club Hallandale Florida condos for sale” or something with the same meaning, you can find plenty of properties on realtors’ websites and real estate portals. Read the descriptions and check out the photos and judge for yourself which properties are presenting more attractive than others.

I’ve looked at several listings and could say that they are not actually bad, but could be much more informative as the buildings can really offer a lot of luxury amenities to the buyers that are worth mentioning. Rental options should be described as well.

Then I went to the Russian internet and searched for such properties for sale in Russian (I know that many Russians own condos in this complex, so it makes sense to advertise them in Russian).

So, what do I see? I’ve looked at several listings and could call them nothing but miserable samples of marketing real estate to the foreign buyers. Not only are they not descriptive enough, most of them are not even translated into Russian! In this case it seems rather easy to create a Russian internet listing that would look much better than others.

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2018 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved


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