Foreign Buyers of Real Estate in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

In the previous post we talked about Florida real estate international popularity.

Let’s break down the data on foreign buyers in Florida even further and, as an example, go to a small town Sunny Isles Beach in South Florida that belongs to Miami-Dade county, being actually a part of the Big Miami ocean shore, population 20,000.


Nothing is really cheap here in terms of Florida real estate: condo prices start at about $200,000+ in older buildings and go up to the sky in newer skyscrapers on the beach, single family homes are mostly in the millions range.

Six of so called Trump Towers are here, and soon you’ll understand why Russian buyers purchased so many units in them.

Sunny Isles Beach is a truly international place, and you can hear many languages of the world in the streets, but Russian seems to dominate over all of them.

There are Russian grocery stores, delis and restaurants around. Russian newspapers and magazines at the newsstands. Russian-speaking employees are in the city government, working information desks, etc. The city library has a collection of books in Russian and Russian-speaking librarians. There is a Russian pharmacy and post office. Russian-speaking doctors and nurses are taking patients at the nearby hospitals.

Many Russian-speaking real estate agents have offices here.

An “official name” for Sunny Isles Beach is “Florida’s Riviera”, the unofficial one is “Little Moscow”.

Any worth his salt developer and realtor markets Sunny Isles Beach properties to the Russian buyers in Russian as the Russians are willing to buy here. Now you see that successful condo sales in the Trump Towers of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida to the Russian buyers are an example of a clever real estate marketing to a particular group of the foreign buyers who are especially interested in this spot and type of properties.

There are also real estate foreign buyers from the South American countries and Canada (Quebec mostly, some buildings have French cable TV included in services) in this little gem of Miami. The foreign buyers from a number of European countries are purchasing here as well as in other parts of Miami.

To conclude: know your area and whether any groups of international real estate buyers are already interested to purchase around it, market your properties for sale in their languages, and get great real estate sales.

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

Copyright © 2018 by Olga Kellen
All Rights Reserved


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