Best Property Description to Attract Foreign Buyers

As promised, here’s the English translation of an almost perfect listing of a property in Cyprus for sale on one of the Russian real estate portals. We’ll see how the seller describes all the points that are important for foreign buyers (Russian buyers in this case).


“Hotel in Pathos, Cyprus for sale
5 villas near the sea. Passport program. For investors.

900 sq. m., 2 950 000 Euro, about 3 300 Euro per sq. m.
Coral Bay, 20 km from the airport, 200 m from the sea, 200 m from shopping.

Ideal investment for those willing to obtain citizenship in Cyprus and earn with that, not lose money.
5 fully furnished villas, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a private pool each. Unobstructed sea view. Close to the sea, stores, restaurants, etc.

Villas are under our management. The new owner can appoint his own management company, manage himself or keep us.

During the hot season the villas rent for approximately 200 Euro a night. ROI is about 6%. Commercial real estate prices grow approximately 7% a year. The new owner can sell 20% more expensive in 3 years, earning also 15% in rental income. The total: 35% income plus the passport of Cyprus (European Union).

Each villa has its own title, so they can be sold as a complex or separately.

Additional services include: help with a bank mortgage if required and managing the property after purchasing.”

How do you like the description? Don’t you think that (being short and precise) it contains almost anything that the Russian buyers would need to know? For me the only one thing is missing: while calculating the profit that the foreign buyers could get after purchasing this property as a complex, we’d also need to take expenses into consideration‚Ķ Of course, then the numbers would look less impressive‚Ķ Otherwise the description is perfect.

Now, this sample shows us how good real estate marketing to the foreign buyers looks like.

Happy blog reading,

Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator


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