Marketing Real Estate to Foreign Buyers: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Wikipedia: “Cost-benefit analysis (CBA), sometimes called benefit-cost analysis (BCA), is used to determine options that provide the best approach to achieve benefits while preserving savings. The CBA is also defined as a systematic process for calculating and comparing benefits and costs of a decision or project.”

Let’s try and apply the cost-benefit analysis to marketing real estate to foreign buyers.


Obviously, the benefit is actually the following: selling a property eventually, preferably faster and for more money.

Marketing real estate (to be able to sell a property as a result) always costs money, and the goal is definitely to minimize this cost.

We have already talked in this blog about the costs of various international marketing venues, or you can check out my article on the topic at

Case Study

Let’s say you want to sell a great home in a decent neighborhood for $500k, list it with a local agent for a while and nothing happens – you only get a couple of low-ball offers during your contract with this agent. The problem is that although your home is big and shiny, but most of other homes in the neighborhood sell for 400k, that’s why local buyers usually go for them and ignore yours.

You know that the international buyers from two foreign countries love to buy around. It’s definitely time to market to them as it’s a well-known fact that the foreign buyers usually purchase more expensive properties than the locals.

If you buy an ad on a foreign real estate portal for $1k in each foreign country of interest, it’s just a marketing expense 0.2% x 2 = 0.4% of the price. Well, if none of the ads work, you’ve lost not much, but if one of them works, you just may get $100k (in the selling price increase) for $1k spent – imagine that. (Of course, it’s a primitive example, in reality you have to do a thoughtful marketing campaign to attract the foreign buyers.)

Thinking allowed and required!

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