Online Course *Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers*

Nowadays everybody wants to get a solution to their problem(s) fast and easy. In response to such a quest of property sellers, realtors and developers, who are dreaming of attracting international buyers to their properties for sale, the online course *Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers* (customized to your particular country and type of property) has been developed.


It’s really easy and fast: You tell me a bit about your property for sale (where, what and approximately for how much you would wish to sell), and the online course comes to you in 10 emails specifically designed for your circumstances and explains how to find the international investors for your property.

It definitely gives you much more power in terms of enlarging your pool of buyers and improving your sales numbers. International investors spend billions every year purchasing properties all over the world, so – why not from you?

According to the National Association of Realtors, over the last year just in the U.S. the international buyers had acquired real estate for $153 Billion (yes, Billions with a “B”!). And mind you, the foreigners usually buy more expensive properties, and they have no problems to finance their purchases as they are cash buyers most of the time. Do you want such a foreign investor for yourself?

The online course *Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers* covers all the necessary information about marketing your property internationally. To mention just a few important solutions that the customized online course provides:

  • How should you decide on the foreign countries where to market your property?
  • What are the best marketing venues in each country?
  • How much would it cost if any? (Yes, some completely free marketing options do exist!)

Find more details on the online course *Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers* and how to receive it customized to your country and property for sale:

Happy blog reading,
Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

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All Rights Reserved

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