Online Real Estate Marketing in Foreign Languages (Part 2)

(In Part 1 we have started talking about benefits of foreign-language marketing materials, here we continue)

It demonstrates your diligence and your expertise.

You want to show your clients that you will work hard on their behalf, and this comprehensive approach is the perfect way to telegraph your conscientious approach to real estate. You’ll also showcase your awareness of international real estate markets, which will make your clients much more likely to see you as a savvy, trustworthy agent.

It boosts your referral network and social sharing power.

If you go the extra mile, turning foreign-language marketing into a true mark of distinction, you’ll net far more leads than your competitors. All real estate agents benefit from word of mouth, but the age of social sharing means that online marketing materials can be instrumental in building your referral network. Your international clients are just as likely to share your website – but not if it’s limited to a language their friends and family can’t understand.

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So, how do you develop high-quality foreign language marketing materials?

Start with the front page.

Translation can be done efficiently, and you will eventually recoup any financial outlay in the form of higher conversions. However, if you do need to start small, it’s best to take your cue from staging specialists: prioritize a few central rooms. Build a concise translation of your homepage and create a suite of foreign-language landing pages ASAP – once that’s done, you can move on to other parts of your site.

Don’t settle for DIY.

If you or someone on your team is a truly fluent foreign-language speaker, then you might be able to translate in-house. Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you seek the services of a professional. You’ll save time and trouble, and you’ll be guaranteed a polished final product. An experienced translator will be able to capture your voice as well as current idioms of your target language.
Seek a specialist – and shop around.

Freelance translation services are a dime a dozen – and many of them boast low rates that can only be sustained through shoddy service. A clunky, semi-coherent translation for your website will drive international clients away. To protect your brand, look for a translator who specializes in international real estate marketing, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about their experience, including past clients.

Translation services do require an investment of time and money – but just like every other component of your marketing plan, they’ll pay dividends in a broader client base.

About the Author: Emmanuel Lao, the owner of Square 1 Group , a boutique web development team based in Los Angeles, California. Our design and digital marketing expertise makes us an ideal fit for real estate agencies looking to expand their business online. We provide all our clients with individualized support and maintenance, online marketing services, and content creation, and we are passionate about delivering premium quality at an affordable price.

Happy blog reading,
Olga Kellen,
The Amazon Author
International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

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