Research Your Potential Foreign Buyers from the Other Perspective

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In the previous post we have discussed a case study of a property seller (realtor, developer) in Hungary, a small Eastern European country, who was willing to sell internationally, and thus was looking for info about real estate foreign buyers in his own country. As a result, he has found out that the Chinese and Russian buyers prevail significantly over any other foreign buyers in numbers of purchases of Hungarian homes and apartments.

I do not know Chinese, but could help with a similar research in Russian. So, let’s look at the same case study by going to the Russian internet for info. (Our imaginary Hungarian seller might hear rumors that the Russians buy some properties around his area, and thus he wants to evaluate his own chances to sell to them going to their own turf!)

Yandex, the major Russian search engine, brings us a whopping 30 million pages for the keyword combination “real estate in Hungary” (as always, looking closely not all of them would appear relevant, I guess). There are articles, reports, forums on the topic, property listings on real estate portals and websites of Russian and Hungarian realtors, who are selling Hungary in Russia, and also immigration and investment consultants’ presentations.

It’s amazing: Such a small country and so many properties for sale posted on the Russian internet! (Some of the largest Russian portals present thousands of Hungarian properties for sale.) On the other hand, Hungary seems really attractive for the Russian buyers due to its close distance to the European part of Russia geographically, easiness of travel, plenty of thermal-spa- and lake-shore-resorts, beauty of the Hungarian architecture and nature, and rather inexpensive real estate nonetheless.

For our imaginary research purposes, it would be practical to narrow the task by defining the exact type of a Hungarian property for sale to the Russian buyers, its price range and the area where it’s located. Then it would be possible to evaluate the competition and outlooks of selling this particular property in the Russian market.

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Olga Kellen,
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International Marketing Consultant and English-Russian Translator

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