How can this blog help with marketing and selling real estate to foreign buyers?

In this blog we cover all the basic aspects and possibilities to expand your real estate buying market to foreign countries which allows you to sell properties more effectively, sometimes for more and sometimes creating the only way to sell at all when the local real estate market is weak. The advice is suitable for realtors, developers and private property sellers, and throughout the blog we provided specific notes for such specific groups of real estate sellers if appropriate.

For successful international sales you need basically three things:
= Good products (properties in real estate);
= Right pricing (in comparison with other properties of the same type, size and location);
= Efficient marketing (in the buyers’ language).

Look around your area (internet or local or central press in your country): Do foreigners buy over there and what? Chances are very high that the foreigners do buy some kind of properties in your country (maybe vacation homes and condos in resort areas or properties to rent out under local management or commercial buildings or anything with a growth potential just to park their money in real estate abroad).

Try to find out: How do they do that? Do the foreigners buy in your area through realtors in the foreign country with a local partner around your area? Then you might want to contact them or search for your own business partners in the foreign countries to send you buyers from there.

Do the foreigners buy in your area through your local realtors marketing themselves in the foreign countries? Then you might want to work together with them (if agreed) or start your own marketing campaign in the foreign country (foreign language websites, advertising, looking for solid business partners in the foreign countries and so on) to compete with them for the foreign buyers. These are working ideas for realtors and developers.

If you are a property owner and want to sell just one piece of real estate to the foreign buyers, then you have the following marketing possibilities: Offer your property for sale to local realtors who do receive the foreign buyers (if you are aware of such realtors); offer your property for sale to realtors in the foreign countries who are in business to sell your area properties to the foreign buyers; advertise your home or condo for sale on the foreign real estate portals for general foreign public; and also you can promote your home or condo for sale through your own website in the foreign language.

Advertising and promoting your property for sale on your own is more expensive upfront, but you do not pay any commission later, so it is cheaper by the end of the day.

The blog explains in details how you approach the foreign buyers of real estate through active (advertising on your own) and passive (with the help of the foreign realtors) marketing: Presentation of your properties on the foreign internet, getting more online visitors and converting them to buyers, closing the deal with a foreign buyer; finding the proper foreign realtors instrumental in selling your type of properties, communicating with them and making them interested in your offer of cooperation, receiving the buyers they send your way.

This unique blog summarizes all you have to know to successfully market and sell real estate internationally.

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All Rights Reserved

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