How to save on translation of marketing material and local communication help for foreign buyers (Part 1)

How to save on translation of your marketing material for foreign buyers and do not sacrifice the quality of the translated texts at the same time of course? Earlier in this blog we talked about choosing a translation vendor in general and a translator in particular, and have come to the conclusion that it would be not wise to choose just the cheapest translator. The cost is important, but the quality is the first priority.

Look at your marketing texts and try to cut off some parts that might be not of any interest for your foreign buyers. Let’s say in a property brochure or website there is a page on recent mortgage interests, how they are favorable for buying right now in comparison with waiting any longer because of this and that act of the government of your country, or how to get a mortgage on your property or assume the existing balance, what to do for it and so on and so forth.

But what does it have to do with the foreign buyers who are cash buyers most of the time? Even if they need and can get a mortgage, the rules will be different for them anyway. So, you can easily omit this part, and thus there are fewer words to a translator to work with and the total cost of translation is lower.

On the other hand you might think of including some information that is specific for foreigners only – your country’s program for foreign investors if there is any and it is applicable to your property, for example.

Never cut the information that makes your property desirable of course – like the area attractions and the like.

Always provide for translating the text that is final in the source language as changes will cost you additionally. An important task while preparing your final text, is to check for and eliminate any words that deal with your own culture only, but may be not known in other countries at all and can only generate confusion for the translator and then for the readers of the translated text.

An example: An American seller says proudly that NN had a home in his neighborhood once and everybody in the U.S. should know that NN was a famous baseball player and thus would think very highly of the neighborhood. But baseball is practically unknown in other countries and the name NN says absolutely nothing to the foreign buyers. Feel free to choose some other celebrities who are internationally acknowledged to praise your neighborhood, or just change this fact for some statement that the U.S. famous sportsmen used to live here, or omit all together if no other good option comes to mind.

The same goes to any cultural thing specific to your own country only – better drop it from your description than send for translation to confuse the foreign buyers for your own money spent on unnecessary translation.

(To be continued)

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