How to attract more foreign buyers to your property for sale (Part 2)

In the previous post we started to figure out the major points of attracting foreign buyers by publishing your country rules for real estate buyers, here are more:

= Can a foreigner get a mortgage for a residential or commercial property and what are the terms and who will help if required (a bank or mortgage broker)? It does not hurt to ask a knowledgeable mortgage broker this question before preparing your marketing texts and if the answer is positive you might include it in some short and general form in your description. Although most of the foreign buyers purchase for cash, some might be interested in getting the mortgage, and here you are all ready while not so many other sellers are – another advantage of yours.

= Can a foreigner start a business and what is required of him to do so (again offer the professional help)? In many cases (excluding just purchases of vacation or student homes for the personal use only) the foreign buyers might be interested in starting a business in your country. Offering professional help with this is a must in commercial property sales.

= Can a foreigner rent the newly acquired property out (offer to find a property manager)? Many foreign investors buy properties for getting rental income and it is your duty to yourself to know how to help them with reaching this goal with your property if it fits the goal of course.

= For how long can a foreigner stay in his or her new property? This is another question to your embassy to ask.

= Find out about your country’s travel visa regulations for citizens of the countries you target with your foreign marketing. It is easy to do online or asking your embassy in the foreign country for the current information. The rules may vary and change time to time.

Supplying all the relevant information upfront you make your property attractive and keep potential foreign buyers to stay with you instead of running around looking for help and information and maybe disappearing in the process being intercepted by some other seller or realtor.

A summary: Knowing all the rules of the future transaction with a foreign buyer and also all the relevant information that the foreigner may request according to the purchase of your property is a powerful marketing and selling tool for you.

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