How can your property for sale to foreign buyers stand out (Part 3)

Property photos. We have already talked earlier about the extreme importance of the visual material for foreign buyers. It would be very helpful to look first what others do who are more or less in your league of property sellers and realtors, and judge for yourself. Some photos are really gorgeous and should be a measuring stick for your own pictures while many others are drab, dull or dark, with the clutter visible around (especially in the kitchens and bathrooms), from wrong points of view and other faults.

Who did that? Sometimes realtors take photos themselves, sometimes hire a professional and sometimes use what the property owner provides (if you go through a foreign realtor the photos are your responsibility of course whether you take them yourself or hire a professional).

In any circumstance the photos of a property for sale must be of the highest quality and represent the property truthfully, in many details and in the best way possible, anything else would scare the potential buyers away at the first sight at the internet listing and you will never hear from them. Even more so is true for the foreign buyers who choose properties on the internet first and will never make a long trip to see anything ugly or unimpressive.

Bad photos = bad realtor.

Property video. A great property video is the same if not more important as the photos, especially for the foreign buyers. If you have no opportunity to produce a high quality property video then stay away from a mediocre one. Better create a slideshow from your great photos and marketing texts and post it on YouTube as a video with some music added.

Some samples of the property slideshows are on the YouTube channel International Real Estate for Sale to Russian Buyers

A summary: The high quality property descriptions, photos and videos or slideshows will sell your property to the foreign buyers while a weak online presentation is only a waste of money, time and hope.

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