How can your property for sale to foreign buyers stand out (Part 1)

How can you make your property for sale stand out among many others in the eyes of foreign buyers?

We have talked a lot about property descriptions, photos and videos previously on the blog, and you can refer to those earlier posts for details. Here we will concentrate on the quality of property presentations on the internet, and it actually concerns any foreign internet as well as English. The foreign buyers are the same real estate buyers, just speaking their own language.

Property description. There are so many property descriptions to be found on the internet, but how many are really great: Informative yet artistic, helpful yet appealing? Explore for yourself in your own language and you will see how many of them are dull, boring, not really explaining the property details and instilling only the desire to move on instead of buying this property. Even properties presented by big reputable real estate companies suffer from the same sins.

Who produces such marketing anti-masterpieces? Probably the properties’ listing realtors? And then they are not the best writers in the world and you as a seller do not want your marketing texts to be written like that, right? Or you happened to be a realtor and want your listings to be outstanding? Here is a little bit of guidance on the topic which can bring you more foreign buyers as well as local ones depending on the language used in your property marketing.

Maybe you were not born a writer either, then why not to ask for some help? Not necessarily from a high-priced writing professional, but from some marketing student willing to practice or a family member with some writing talent?

The most important thing is for you to stand out of the crowd and attract attention in the best way possible. The first two items to help with the task: The headline and the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your property for sale.

Compare the two headlines found on the internet: “2/2 apartment for sale” and “Big, Blue and Beautiful 2/2”. Which one do you like better and want to know more about this property?

The Unique Selling Proposition does not seem to be in the listing real estate agents marketing arsenals at all. It is essentially a statement what sets you apart from the competition and makes you a better choice or in other words – why should a buyer choose your property over some others? It is not always easy to formulate, but you have to try hard anyway.

Let’s look at the classic USP of the FedEx Corporation: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Convinced? How about this for your newly renovated and furnished home for sale: “You will feel at home at once!” or “Just bring your toothbrush!”? Or you may play with words on the views that you have, or your area as the last resort: “Just steps from the beach”. Maybe other properties are also near the beach, but if their descriptions do not say so, how the foreign buyers who do not really know the area should guess that? And with the great USP you are beneficial again.

Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and look around your property – what might be the most attractive? Then do it again with the cultural differences of your foreign buyers in mind – maybe you can find even more bestselling points? You cannot be the best for everybody, but for some cluster of the foreign buyers who are looking exactly for your best features you absolutely can be the best and you have to say so.

If you include a USP in your property description you will be ahead of many in the same line longing for the real estate buyers’ attention. It applies to the property descriptions in any language.

(To be continued)

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