How to find local realtors for selling real estate to foreign buyers

If your heart goes towards having a local realtor who is in a position to market your property in the foreign countries, then the only one task is on you: To choose such a realtor out of many locally for selling real estate for you to the foreign buyers.

The straightforward approach would be just checking out the local association of realtors or googling realtors in your area and talk to several of them to discuss their real estate marketing possibilities and connections in the foreign countries that are of interest to you.

Interviewing the local realtors about their abilities of selling real estate in the foreign countries you have to pay attention to many things: What countries their marketing covers; what exactly they do in terms of marketing in those countries online and in print, their participation in real estate shows in the foreign countries; whether they have an office over there or at least a representative with a phone number in the foreign country who is speaking the language of the country of course to serve as the first point of contact for inquiries over there; how good your realtor speaks the foreign language of the potential buyers; and how much success the realtor had selling real estate to the foreign buyers in the past.

You see – you have to understand for yourself how convenient it would be for the prospective foreign buyers to contact this particular realtor and get all the needed information on your property from where the buyer still is in the foreign country, and how good the potential foreign buyers would be served on arrival to see your property for sale. Also ask the realtors a question of what they would do to promote your property in the foreign market.

Having collected such information about several local realtors, only then you might be able to make your important choice. It may happen that there are no such realtors around, then you may try and widen the area of your search a bit – with an understanding that the local realtors are really local and will not travel more than some reasonable distance with a potential buyer to show your property. Another consideration: Your realtor must really know your area and the area’s real estate market very well to be able to promote your property to the potential foreign buyers.

Well, you are out of luck with this method of selling real estate to the foreign buyers if there are no local agents meeting your requirements and you have to look for the foreign realtors directly or turn to your own advertising in the foreign countries selling real estate “By owner”.

This is a note for all local realtors who practice in such areas where foreigners come to buy properties rather often: You can add a lot to your bottom line if you can become such a source that the potential seller in this blog is craving for! Find your way to market your local real estate to the foreigners directly or through partners in the foreign countries. Adding a line to your signature and advertising, something like “Will sell your property in the foreign markets too” or similar, will get you more local listings. Get bilingual agents on board and explore your options in the foreign real estate markets.

A summary: Local realtors with the possibilities of marketing in the foreign countries, good connections over there and staff members who speak the languages of the potential foreign buyers are really helpful to pursue the goal of selling real estate to the foreigners; and a note of attention to realtors: If you are not yet doing marketing to the foreigners you are losing money every day.

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