Offline Real Estate Marketing to Foreign Buyers at Real Estate Shows

What is the best way of real estate marketing to foreign buyers that allows you to meet many potential buyers for your properties and establish personal connections with prospective business partners abroad? To participate in international real estate shows in the foreign countries of course.

This post is mostly aimed at realtors and developers, although for a private seller it would also be informative if you want to have your property presented at such a show, then you have to know what to ask your realtor – whether they go to any international real estate shows, in what countries, what are the results and how your property might be represented at the upcoming shows, where and when. Choosing the proper realtor will enhance your chances to sell faster and for more.

It is the most exciting and also the most expensive way of real estate marketing to foreign buyers as the costs of flights, hotels, visas plus exhibition fees and translation and interpreting sum up. This method of real estate marketing to foreign buyers can be effective or just a huge money waster depending on a number of circumstances.

Of course, as always you would like to get a good return on your investment which is an impressive number of sales of your international properties to foreign buyers resulting from your participation in a real estate show in this case.

Here are 4 major risks (to lose your money) involved in going to a real estate show abroad:

To choose the best foreign real estate shows for your properties, you should compare such parameters as the visitor’s profile and anticipated number of visitors based on the past performance, among others like timing and pricing. We assume that you already researched the most promising foreign countries to get the buyers for your properties from over there and now will target the shows just in those countries.

Keep in mind that some events are fully booked well in advance, so start your research and application process early.

Usually the websites of the international real estate shows have an English version for exhibitors’ convenience where you can find some preliminary information if you are willing to exhibit your properties at this event and find the actual buyers and potential partners for future cooperation in sales over there. You can find the international real estate shows websites through Google and other search engines including foreign.

The more advanced research and comparison of the international property shows should include getting the opinions from the past participants (the list of them usually can be found on the show’s website); it would be interesting to see the promotion activities of the organizers in the internet of the country of the show, because you definitely want a crowd of buyers and local realtors around your booth, right?

Also, there are publications in the foreign language with the buyers’ opinions that compare and evaluate the success of various such events from the point of view of the visitors in the foreign country – would they come to the next show of the same event organizer or were they so disappointed with the last one that they are done with it?

The author knows firsthand about the international real estate shows in Russia:

A summary: Participating in a foreign real estate show is the most expensive real estate marketing to foreign buyers’ tool, but it can be the most effective too, if you choose the right show to exhibit your properties abroad.

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